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The Best Indian Wear to Suit Your Body Type

The Best Indian Wear to Suit Your Body Type Just as the western wear is full to the brim with different styles and types of attires, ethnic wear does not fall any short. It is one of the most diverse types of clothing lines with the addition of more styles and out do by the day. Whether it’s the trendy Anarkali or the show-stopping glamour of an A-line kurta , the list of intricate designs and fashion statements is never ending. With such a lot of choice, it does get a little difficult to choose what looks best on you. Every woman is different, her figure, complexion, up do, in short, every part of her demands to be complimented by the attire she dons. Exploring the different trends and diversities of ethnic wear, we have compiled the best styles to suit your body type so that you are all set to slay, wherever you go! Hourglass figures These beautiful ladies need to embrace their curves and go for styles that flaunt their waistline. Being one of the most beautiful types of


HOW THE WESTERN WORLD HAS STARTEDLIKING THE INDIAN WEAR The Indian fashion started gaining popularity in the west in the 1960s   and   1970s , just when the Indians also began adopting trends from the west. The ritual of infusing the two trends into one another sustained through the 1980s and 1990s, when the fashion world started infusing different cultures and traditions into another to create gorgeous designs like never seen before. The western fashion industry has incorporated the classical Indian methods, textiles and crafts of colouring, printing, knitting, sequence of tinsels and golden thread and embroidery , various pants, shirts, skirts and dresses to display the infusion of the eastern and western cultures into one another. The classical hand block printing practices from Bengal is also became an important part of the Indo-western fashion industry.   SAREES The Indians adore wearing sarees for every extraordinary event. Samantha Cameroon was spotted wearing a g