Accessories Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Accessories Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe
If you ever get chance to peep into the wardrobe of a woman you will be surprised that how different it is from that of a man! Girls, please do not take offence, but most of the time your wardrobes are full of dresses. Men too have them but the collection is a bit different.
Coming back to the girls, you may have huge collection of dress in your wardrobe but do not forget that until and unless you accessorize them nicely they will not be able to give you a complete look!
Hence, for you here is a list of accessories that must be there in your wardrobe.

A pair of sunglasses is must when it comes to your collection. They will not only increase your style quotient but are great for protecting the delicate areas of your eyes from the dangerous UV rays. You can have oversized square and Tortoiseshell glasses to impress others. Based on the design of the sunglass you are wearing you can use them with any dress that you wear. Whether it’s western or Indian, a sunglass can be perfect mate when you are going under the Sun.
As a woman you will always understand the importance of bags in your life. You will need a lot of them starting from the clutches to oversized bags. Sometime they will be essential in carrying your necessaries while at other times they will increase the glamor of the dress you are wearing. Choose one according to your attire, like with lehangas you can use a lovely clutch while with salwars it is best to use a hand bag.
Whether you wear ethnic wear or western wear it is necessary to have a scarf in your wardrobe, the more the better. They are useful with different types of dress and sometimes can save you from chilly weather too!
Thus, have a lot of them in your wardrobe to increase the collection and ensure that when you need one to wear with the right outfit you have it in your hands.
Girls love to beatify themselves and earrings are the most important item that helps in doing that. It is not a question whether your ears are pierced or not you will find out that there are a lot of options available when it comes to ear ornaments. They are beautiful and goes perfectly with anything you wear be that Kurtis or western wear. Along with earrings there are other ornaments too like, necklaces and rings that will enhance your dressing senses.
·       Watch
Your style statement will not be complete without watches. Thus, have a lot of them in your wardrobe. You may have small delicate designed watches or big men style watches, whatever you prefer you can have them to have a perfect way to enhance your style. They are not only functional but also help in giving a smart look.
These are those accessories that must be there in your wardrobe along with your dresses. Of course you should have shoes too but they are not included in this list assuming that you will place them on the shoe racks.


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