Lingerie selection for different Body types

Lingerie selection for different Body types

When it comes to women figure, we got a set of items with which we can compare it. Apple, banana, pear and hourglass, these are four items with which female figure are compared with in general. To be very honest, it is next to impossible to categorize the figure of a woman based on the structure of arms, thighs and legs and also tummies. Only when it comes to dresses, perfect cuts of dress materials, fittings of silhouettes and enhances the beauty of the body, then it is necessary to go with certain structures.

When it comes to lingerie, it is more helpful to tune in with the frame of one’s body. There are typical lingerie sets for every typical structure that compliments the beauty of certain assets and camouflage flows and problem parts of one’s body. Here are some sets of selection for lingerie, for online buying option, is given below. Scroll down to find the details about them. These selections are made keeping in mind about all body types. Any girl or woman can adore herself with these in her bedroom.

  1. For apple figure: A typical Apple figure is of one whose upper part of the body is heavier than the lower part. Women with bigger chest need right kind of support. If you want to draw attention to the lower half of your body then go for the lacy V-cut panties. You can get them in For ladies with bustier chest, it is good online buying bra with full coverage. Well you can always go for online buying option for them. If you want to play a sexy game then corsets are best for you.
  2. For pear figure: A girl with pear-shaped body carries more weight in her thighs and hip. To enhance her upper part she can go for online buying to wear a ruffle cup bra. For a sexy sleeve less she can use bandeaus. One can go for online buying all these.
  1. For banana figure: well in the set of all figure types, girls who have banana figure has no weight in any part. So if you have to make a banana figure sexy you havev to buy lingerie online at for that. To show a beautiful breast you need to have a demi-cup bra to enhance your breast. In combination to that a high cut low rise panty will fit well.
  1. For hourglass figure: among all the figure types, hourglass is naturally sexy. Considering the weighty hips and chest in contradiction to the slim waistline is best with any lingerie. Body-suits with garter belts will enhance the beauty of such figure. If your looking for the best place to buy lingerie online and if your thinking where can i buy lingerie online then visit which is one of the best online lingerie store.



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