Understand your body type and enjoy wearing treggings

The beauty of treggings is that they look like your favourite skinny trousers, structured, with flattering seams. But they have got all the comfort of your favourite leggings, i.e. you can fool everyone by pairing them with a blouse and great shoes and wear them to work. Check out Sinina to buy Jegging sale online and enjoy several online Jegging sale.

Consider your body type before buying treggings.
·         Pear Shape girls i.e. narrow shoulders and wider hips - For women having this body type, treggings are best paired with a loose A-line or empire waist tunic dress. Wearing a long necklace will further enhance the flattering effect of the outfit. Enjoy purchasing cheap Jegging sale online and avail online Jegging sale
·         Athletic i.e. broad shoulders, small bust, no waistline, narrowed hips & butt - Treggings are a great choice for athletic women to show off their toned lines. Pair it with cool crop tops and tank tops for a sizzling evening out with friends, or with a fitted blouse for a stylish day out.
·         Petite i.e. height is 5ft 3in and under - Treggings can look awesome on ‘petite’ ladies as they give an elongated line to the lower torso. You can pair them up with a knit turtleneck or a fitted knit top for an effortlessly stylish look. Or you can even go for a crisp white shirt and flats to take your casual style to the next level. Have a look at our latest collections at Sinina and buy Jegging online.
·         Hourglass i.e. large hips & bust and well-defined waist - Your amazing feminine curves are meant to be highlighted, and treggings are the perfect choice for it. Wear them with a simple tank top and blazer for a stunning casual day look, and accessorize with chunky pair of earrings & heels for a night out look.
·         Boyish i.e. small bust, undefined waist and narrower hips - Team up bright colored skinny treggings with a complimentary lace blouse, and see how many appreciations you gather.
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