Floral Print salwar kameez suit to Celebrate Your Happy Mood

salwar kameez suit are worn across the Indian sub-continent by women of all ages. This outfit consists of a long tunic called the kameez, a loose pair of trousers called the salwar and a flowing scarf, termed the dupatta. salwar kameez suit material are not only extremely comfortable and easy-to-wear, they are also very versatile. The unique appeal of this outfit for Indian women is that it’s loose and airy structure, combined with the fact that it adequately covers the whole body, makes it ideal apparel for all seasons.

One of the most popular sub-types of this quintessential Indian outfit is the floral salwar kameez suit. As the name suggests, this is a salwar kameez suit decorated with flower-based or flower inspired designs. The bright, summery vibe of these vibrant outfits makes them the ideal summer-wear garment. Many people mistakenly believe that floral designs are mainly worn by young girls. In fact, florals are frequently seen on red carpets and high fashion ramps nowadays and Indian designers have increasingly begun to incorporate them into their exclusive, designer outfits.

Solution to Casual & Work Wear Woes

However it cannot be denied that casual-wear or daily-wear salwar kameez suit are the ones that are most frequently decorated with floral designs. Floral prints buy salwar kameezonline are the perfect ethnic garments for office wear during the summer. Though they are very bright and beautiful, they are comfortable, easy-to-wear and light-weight. More often than not, they are made using cotton salwar kameezsuit which can be easily dyed into bright colours. Prints show up well on this material, which is also very soft, breezy and absorbent. floral printed salwar kameez suit can also be made of other materials like silk, faux silk, chiffon, georgette and viscose (and other artificial fabrics). The finer materials like silk, chiffon and georgette are usually used to make the fancy varieties for special occasions. Designers often use more heavy materials like brocade and velvet, as well as diaphanous net and tissue, to achieve attractive visual contrasts for their unique creations.

A floral print salwar kameez suit can come with many different types of designs and patterns. Popular varieties include large, stylized depictions of single flowers such as roses, jasmines, lotuses, lilies, and poppies, detailed patterns consisting of the motif of a tiny flower repeating over and over again and flowering branches with exquisite blooms prettily displayed. Sometimes, just the petals of the flowers are shown while at other times flowers are intermingled with other nature inspired motifs. The types of designs can also vary; one can find exquisite and highly artistic designs as well as simple, geometric depictions. A new trending type of print is the digital print, which can be used to showcase life-like images of different kinds of flowers. These would be called flower print salwar kameez suit material as they showcase the flower itself as opposed to an artistic floral theme print.


Express It With Unique Embroideries & Embellishments:

From thick borders near the edges to detailed necklines and sleeves, different parts of the outfit can be used to depict such designs. Some varieties of floral design salwar kameez suit material even have the entire outfit covered in pretty floral embroidery, which creates a very lavish, feminine effect. different types of embroidery styles can be used to decorate salwar kameez suit material, from resham, zari and zardosi to chikankari, aari, dori and ek taar work.

Styles Tips

·         Floral prints salwar kameez suit material are always in style in one form or another. This pretty, feminine type of design suits women of all ages and body types and would be considered suitable for a wide variety of occasions. Currently, Anarkali salwar suits are the most in-demand, and they are also available with beautiful floral patterns either embroidered or printed on.

·         Floral printed salwar kameez suit material can be accessorized in a variety of ways. cotton salwar kameez suit has a youthful, summery vibe, which can be perfectly enhanced with some chunky antique silver bangles or some colorful beaded necklaces. The silk and chiffon varieties have a fancier vibe and can be paired up with gold or silver necklaces (depending on the work on the outfit) with floral themed motifs. In general, colourful beaded jewellery, tribal necklaces, wooden bangles and antique metal jewelry pairs well with floral themed designs. Just avoid clashing motifs in the jewelry and on the outfit.

·         To complete the ensemble, women can opt for brightly colored mojaris with similar patterns, as well as embroidered handbags or gold work potlis, depending on the occasion and the outfit in question. The dupatta itself can be styled and draped in different ways to add a unique vibe to the outfit. Women can wear the dupatta as a stole or scarf to add a western element, or they can wear it back to front to display the work near the neckline.

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