Essential tips for wearing Jeggings


Leggings are preferred choice for their comfort and versatility, and trousers for their refinement and elegance. But yes, now you can enjoy all these aspects in one piece of clothing. Yes, that wonder of fashion is called “Jeggings”. They are designed to provide the best of both i.e. leggings and trousers. Super-chic, flexible, durable, and comfortable, these trendy pants can be paired with almost everything. So, fashion-forward ladies can confidently wear them to office, lunch, or any other occasion where they want the perfect comfortable look. Planning to buy Jeggings online, check out Sinina and shop Jeggings online and avail several Jeggings online offers.

Jeggings is a term supposed to describe trouser-leggings. What is a trouser-legging? Trousers are pants, and leggings are leggings and there’s not a great deal of middle ground in between. They appear to be leggings i.e. thick Ponte material, elastic waist, finish at the ankle. They have a faux pocket. Jeggings were originally the brainchild of Bal main, the French designer responsible for making Kris Jenner look like a mix between Michael Jackson and grandfather’s velvet wallpaper.

Jeggings are basically a perfect cross between trousers and leggings. Jeggings have been taken over leggings ad have become immensely popular amongst working women around the world. Jeggings give a look of trousers or pants but the fit of leggings. They are comfortable and stylish.

Essential Style Tips for wearing Jeggings

·         If you are even slightly insecure about your thighs, wear Jeggings with longer tops. Have a look at Sinina online marketplace now and enjoy Jeggings online offers.

·         Wear seamless innerwear. The body-fit nature of Jeggings can be a bit revealing, and so, use of panty liners is recommended.

·         To counterbalance the snug fit of Jeggings, wear flow tops and jackets. Shop Jeggings online and enjoy best quality products and various latest collection.

·         If got longer Jeggings, then don’t get them altered. Instead fold them at the ankle, as you do with churidar leggings.

·         A pair of suede shoes, ballerinas, or stilettos is a great way to add to the style impact of Jeggings.

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