The Best Indian Wear to Suit Your Body Type


Just as the western wear is full to the brim with different styles and types of attires, ethnic wear does not fall any short. It is one of the most diverse types of clothing lines with the addition of more styles and out do by the day. Whether it’s the trendy Anarkali or the show-stopping glamor of an A-line kurta, the list of intricate designs and fashion statements is never ending. With such a lot of choice, it does get a little difficult to choose what looks best on you. Every woman is different, her figure, complexion, up do, in short, every part of her demands to be complimented by the attire she dons. Exploring the different trends and diversities of ethnic wear, we have compiled the best styles to suit your body type so that you are all set to slay, wherever you go!

Hourglass figures

These beautiful ladies need to embrace their curves and go for styles that flaunt their waistline. Being one of the most beautiful types of figures for a woman, you are a lucky girl to own it. Where everything can suit this body type, if carried with style, Anarkalis compliment the body type at its best. Narrow kurtas go well with your curvaceous lines too. You can also try out anything flared as long as it hugs your curves appropriately in just the right places. For the color choices, the figure is lucky enough to have the entire rainbow. Well-made combinations of almost any time are a plus, and black and white look simply regal!

Apple shaped figure

These women have a slightly heavier bottom but have thin and pretty limbs and hands. The goal of the attire, in this case, is to focus on the nimble sophistication of these limbs while shadowing any heavy areas on the trunk. A good option for you is to try out the flowing Kurtis that are tight from the top to add definition but flows from the waist down to give an allure of a slim figure. A-lime Kurtas and deep V-necks kurta can make your style pop. An easy way to get your hands on the latest trends in these dresses is by visiting which is the one stop destination to choose and buy all the latest styles and designs in diverse types of ethnic wear. Opting for churidars instead of the salwar will help emphasize the slimness of your legs and create a balanced body image. A better choice for these women is light colored dresses instead of the darker colors.

Pear shaped figures

The triangle body figure has narrow shoulders and a relatively larger bottom. Many women have this figure and fail to choose attires that compliment them. What they need to go for is a balance. Tight fitting bottoms are a strict no. It's far better to choose Patiala or salwar to give a more toned body. Anarkalis that are flared from the bottom is also a good choice of wear. Another way to enhance and sophisticate your look is by choosing heavily embellished necklines that shift the focus to the top. Women can try to contour their shape by selecting lighter hues for the top part and darker ones for the bottom, just like actual contour.

Banana shaped figure

Banana shaped woman need to incorporate a curvaceous look that helps them compliment their slim stature. The solution for these women is to find ethnic wear that creates a curvaceous illusion. A good way is to go for deep V-neck Kurtas and dresses with a bounce and flare. Try to opt for girly patterns and youthful bright colors to create a drama. This will distract the onlookers to the pattern of the dress and will help you look fresh and on point! At the same time, loose clothing that just hangs and does nothing for your figure or tight fitting clothes that make your figure obvious are a strict no. with a straight figure, as long as you experiment with colors and flares, you are good to go!

Every figure has some specifics and parts that you need to take care of. Whether you do it with a stylishly placed dupatta, by changing your bottom wear or revamping your outfit, choosing something that compliments your shape is important. It can be quite trying to find the right cut and shape for the different figures but makes it possible. We at Sinina offer you all the latest styles and designs in ethnic wear that are some of the most admired attires in the world of fashion. Your style just needs a little thought, and can give it to you!

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